Sinful Coffee

Coffee aroma soulful and deep, entices my taste buds,
Steam rises as the milk is warmed
Coffee beans burn as the water covers their surface
The surroundings are dark, the music is low,
Tranquil with the murmur of voices
Candles burn dim for ambience
As the sun shines bright outside
A couple sit close, leaning with whispers
As a gentleman sits alone
His eyes are down, his shoulders are slumped
A smile shows slight as his coffee arrives
Closing his eyes he sips deeply then sits back in his chair
A worker walks in, busy in style, orders the coffee and paces
A tray with four cups is handed to her then out the door she is gone
Another sits in the corner, embedded in his work
Three cups surround a computer with crust on their rim
Then a staff member comes to clear
The day is cool as winter nears, the coffee warms from inside
I relax and sit back in my chair, the world around me slow
I take another mouthful, cherishing as it goes down
I drain the bottom of the cup, a mix of bitter and sweet
Allow my tastebuds to fully empower the pleasure of the mix
As my body sinks further into this devilish heaven
My senses start to rise, as my mobile rings beside me
Sirens swirl, traffic blares, and people trudge on by
I step to the pavement and join the mass
Head out to the world
My little time of pleasure is over for now.

Copyright May 2012