School is over… for now.

The children's Artwork to  be displayed at Artspace in August.

The children’s Artwork to be displayed at Artspace in August.

Over the last two weeks Debbie and myself have helped the Year 3 students of Fitzgerald State Primary School create these wonderful Post Card stories. Last week I read my children’s story, spoke on the creation of my characters and guided the children in putting together a story of their own based on their own lives here in Mackay. This week Debbie showed them a way of illustrating their story. Using watercolour and crayons they drew the images from the descriptive words used in their story then painted a wash over it using only the three primary colours. The children’s artwork will be shown at Artspace in August for all to see. For myself and Debbie this has been a great adventure.

Wanda Bennett has given us this wonderful opportunity to enter the classroom, for me to read my manuscript ‘Or Maybe’ and for Debbie’s illustrations to be viewed by the aged children it has been created for. With the positive feedback that we received from children, teachers and parents, we know we must be patient. A publisher will realise how wonderful this creation is too and Tim will become part of a young persons life.

Debbie Connors

Debbie Connors with students

'Or Maybe' cover design