Stimulation far outweighs time

So… it’s now Thursday, ‘Anzac Day’ and I finally get the time to write about my experience last weekend. The Capricornia Schools Literary Festival was on in Rockhampton so Debbie Connors and myself drove to Rockhampton to attend the

Authors and illustrators  at the Literary Luncheon

Authors and illustrators at the Literary Luncheon

Literary Luncheon on Saturday. It was a wonderful experience with eight authors and two illustrators who all spoke of their experiences. It came to be a very stimulating weekend of information for the aspiring writer and her accomplice illustrator and possibly extremely beneficial. We spoke to publishers, one of whom fell in love with one of our joint projects, and we now like many others in that waiting position are hopeing and praying at the very least.  So on a lighter note we decided to cruise the streets of Rockhampton with friends in their 1955 Ford Fairlane Galaxy.  Roof down, hair blowing in the wind…

Kristine and Debbie

  Kristine Maiorana and Debbie Connors

Ok so I don’t have much hair, but the sense of freedom was incredible, all thoughts forgotten of the reason we were visiting town, but who knows… a story may have been born.Thelma and Louise lookout…