Historical Significance

Family is scattered all over the world, so I now know. I was aware of Australia, Ireland and maybe South Africa, but now Canada has popped it’s head in there with a long lost relative. Idle chatter on web chat pages leads in many directions, where some pay no attention to the ramblings, my ears tweak at the smallest clue, any little hope that someone is looking for the same family members I am, back in the 1700 and 1800’s. But when one chat door closes another window opens where someone lived with the same small hope, and idle chatter turns into a ray of hope and a long list of dates and names for family historians to drool over.

I love the challenge of discovery and adventure and the romanticisms that evolve from the scenery I see of the areas that my family originated from. I have visited some of these places, felt the earth below my feet and smelt the fresh sea air. My mind is awash with stories of old, visions of age and time all turned out in a world of digital and modern. But I crave to know more and visit their world once again. I save my pennies for just that.